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the duo-team

With experience in the design field of over 20 years, Mr. Prem has an eye for detail that no one can beat. His sense of style and his attitude of always giving the client the best has earned him the respect of being one of the best in his field today. He has a patient ear for anyone who enters his office and till date, has the special quality of always being willing to learn!


Having studied at the Marathwada Mitra Mandal School of Interior Design and topping the entire Maharashtra Technical Board in 2002, he chose Vizag as his ‘land of opportunity’ and small beginnings combined with hard work have led to fruitful gains today. His unique creations reflect his belief that comfort holds the key to successful design. His visions are shaped by his passion for structure, use of rich color and delight in small details. Interesting fabrics and accessories, used simply, and effectively, are his fuss-free signature.

As a second generation designer, Ameet is known for his charm and laid-back personality which puts property owners at ease, which creates a fun hands-on creative process. His direct collaboration with his clients allows them to put their own personal stamp on their homes as each space takes on a distinct character reflective of client, context and lifestyle.

After completing a workshop in Milan, Italy at the internationally acclaimed Institute of European Design and with a number of hospitality projects, luxury homes, swanky offices and designer boutiques under his belt, this fun loving designer has his eyes set on the stars!